Calling all authors….

If You are Tired of the Frustrations of Keeping Your Manuscript Organized, Here’s Your Solution

When you are working on a manuscript, whether it’s a novel, non-fiction book, memoir, or how-to book, one of your biggest challenges is managing your information, things like:

There’s an easy answer for all these author challenges, an answer which will allow you to write faster, capture your ideas in seconds, organize all your research and supportive materials in one place, and format your books in a snap.

Introducing Scrivener Software for Authors

Scrivener is a software download used by novelists, non-fiction writers, poets, and anyone who wants to write a book easily. The cost of the program is $40 for Windows and $45 for Mac.

When I discovered it, I fell in LOVE!  I use Scrivener for ghostwriting, my own books, my newsletter/blog posts, and I’m even creating a cookbook of my favorite recipes.  I’ve been sharing Scrivener with people in my writing classes and finding that it works very well for them too.

Scrivener is great for writers who like to use mind-maps and right brain creativity as well as those who are more left brained and love to work in linear order.  It keeps everything in one place on your computer and allows you to revise easily, insert new chapters, and add in material from your blog or other writing in seconds.

Check out this screen shot of one of my favorite Scrivener tools, the Cork Board.  Also notice the side navigation with a folder for each chapter of a book.

Scrivener is a great tool. 

There’s just one drawback…it is a little tricky to master because it has so many features.  In fact, the user’s manual has 300+ pages.


I like to learn from experts so I took a class from Gwen Hernandez, author of the brand new book Scrivener for Dummies.  Gwen did such a great job showing me how to use Scrivener effectively that I begged her to share the same information with my students.

Announcing…. Scrivener Quick Start: A Webinar Series for Authors

Join Gwen and me on August 2 and 9, 2012 for two 90 minute webinars where you’ll learn how to:

During this training program, you’ll also learn tips and shortcuts to supercharge your Scrivener use and help you write even more quickly.  By the end of the first webinar, you’ll be able to use Scrivener immediately!

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“Before I discovered Scrivener I used index cards and thumb tacks to find the narrative arc of a piece. Audio tapes were in one shoe box, my videos were filed somewhere else, and the photos I use to capture details were somewhere else still. Now everything’s in one place on my computer, linked and intuitively accessible. For a recent project I moved my scenes around, flowed them into one document, rearranged them, reflowed them, until I found the project’s shape. No cut-and-paste-and-find-where-you-were-going-to-put-it! Scrivener is a tremendous tool that frees my brain up to be creative, and it’s a lot easier to take on the road than a bulletin board full of index cards.”

Janine Latus, New York Times best-selling author of If I Am Missing or Dead and board member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors.

“Scrivener saved my brain! I tried writing in MS Word, tried to use various other word processing programs, but I just got more and more frustrated. I read about Scrivener on another author’s blog and immediately downloaded the trial. This was it! The flexibility to organize chapters the way I want to, move sections around, keep all my research material together saved me from going utterly insane. I’ve written all four of my books in Scrivener and will use it forever.”

Maria Lima, author of Blood Lines series (Pocket Books).

“My first book was written on an Olivetti typewriter. Everything that followed was Microsoft Word. I still have a headache from that period. When I first tried Scrivener, working on the sequel to my first novella, I was dubious. Then I saw the full screen mode — gasp! Just words. No formatting concerns. No changing ribbons (first dynasty) or worrying about fonts and indents (second dynasty). I’ve arrived at the third dynasty — where I can integrate notes, images, “folder” scenes and chapters I’m not sure about, and seamlessly re-arrange things. Thank you Scrivener, for opening a whole new world to my writing.”

Michael Maupin, author of The Crowded Room: A novella by Jeffrey Dunne, semi-finalist in the 2005 IPPY Awards in the Juvenile and Young Adult Fiction category.

“I use Scrivener every day — for blogging, for creating huge reports at the day job, and for keeping my personal creative projects, including the next novel, organized and in order. It’s a wonderful bit of work — one of the very few programs that have, as they say, “changed my life.”

Mark McElroy, author of Lucid Dreaming for Beginners: Simple Techniques for Creating Interactive Dreams and more.

“I’ll never again write a novel without Scrivener. It’s a fast, efficient time-saver, perfect for anyone serious about making a living as an author.”

Steven James, national best-selling author of The Bishop.

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Meet your instructors:

Gwen Hernandez began working with Scrivener in 2009, and created a series of blog posts to share its lesser known features with her writing friends. Encouraged by her growing community of followers, she developed a popular Scrivener online class that is offered several times a year.

As a military brat and Air Force spouse, Gwen lives like a nomad, but she currently resides in northern Virginia with her husband and two heroes in training. When she's not teaching Scrivener, she uses it to spin tales of romance and suspense.

Lynne Klippel is a best-selling author, publisher, and book shepherd.  Since 2004 she's been working with coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs who want to write a nonfiction book to showcase their expertise and build their business.  Her business, Business Building Books, focuses on the marriage of internet marketing and publishing and has helped clients from 6 of the 7 continents. Her publishing company, Love Your Life Publishing, specializes in high quality non-fiction books which make the world a more positive place.

Listen here to an audio program Lynne and Gwen created about Scrivener

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does Scrivener help authors?
A: Scrivener works like an online filing cabinet which allows you to easily and quickly store all your ideas, move them around, and keep all your writing accessible.

Q:  Are there any limits to how many books I can write with Scrivener?
A:  You can have multiple book projects going on Scrivener at any time.  This is a great way to keep track of all your potential book ideas and add ideas even if you are not ready to begin writing yet.

Q: Did you create Scrivener?

A: We wish! This course is offered with the full support and blessings of the fine folks at, the creators of Scrivener. 

Q: Do I need to buy Scrivener to participate in the webinar series?
A: Nope. For this webinar series, we’ll ask you to download a free 30 usage trial of Scrivener so you can experiment with it before you decide if you want to buy it.
We’ll show you all the great things you can do with Scrivener BEFORE you decide if you want to invest the money in the software.  If you don’t love it, your trial will automatically expire after 30 uses.  If you love it, and we bet you will, you simply purchase Scrivener at the end of your 30 uses.  Since you’ll be trained on how to use Scrivener by Gwen and me, you’ll be able to use Scrivener like a pro.

Q:  I want to write book for Kindle. Will Scrivener help?
A:  Yes!  One of the best things about Scrivener is that you can format your manuscript for Kindle with Scrivener.  Kindle formatting is time consuming, hard and frustrating if you want to do it manually.  You can pay a service to format your Kindle book for you but it will cost you at least $100 dollars.  Or, you can use Scrivener and do it yourself with a few clicks of your mouse.

Q:  I’m writing a novel.  Is Scrivener for me?
A:  Novelists love Scrivener.  It’s a great way to create characters, build scenes, and keep track of all your plot lines.  You can even create a file on each character so that you can remember eye color, quirks, and all those little details that bring that character to life.

Q: I have a Mac. Will Scrivener work for me?
A: Yes, you can down load Scrivener in Mac or Windows.  There is a version for each operating system.

Q:  I want to write a non-fiction book based on my blog posts.  Will Scrivener help?
A: You bet!  We’ll show you quick and easy tips to import blog posts, articles, and other writing into your current book so that you can leverage your writing and get your book finished faster.

Q: I want to attend this course but I’ll away when it’s offered.  Will there be a recording?
A: Yes, we’ll record each webinar and send you a like so that you can listen, view the slides, and participate just like you were on the call live and in person.  In this way, you can learn Scrivener at a time which works for you….plus review the information as often as you like.

Imagine how much faster you will write when you have this powerful tool on your side….and you know how to use it masterfully!

The Scrivener Quick Start program will be offered just this once.  Gwen is really busy marketing her new book and is only available to help us in August so don’t miss this chance to learn Scrivener from her.

The tuition for this course is an easy $97 because I want this information to be available to every single one of my authors.

As always, this course comes with my Farm Girl Guarantee:  If you don’t love it, just let me know and I’ll refund your full course tuition. I stand behind all my courses because my Dad taught me a person’s good name is worth everything.

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Here’s to your writing success,

Lynne Klippel
Author, Publisher, and Best-Selling Author

P.S. Remember, you can write anything with Scrivener.  If you have a blog, write a newsletter, or have ideas for ebooks, novels, cookbooks, non-fiction books, or any other writing project, Scrivener will help.

However, learning tips and tricks to use it faster will save hours of time and help you get more done faster.

Be a part of this course and get ready to turbo-charge all your writing when you learn from the woman who wrote the book on Scrivener!